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Woodpile World Music Association

Annual Meeting 2019


Saturday 2019-10-12

12:00 WWMA annual meeting called to order by Chairman Dave Maakestad over square coffee table.

In attendance are the three board members who also comprise the current embryonic membership roster:

(((Ahmadu Jah Jarr – Stockholm desk. ... Deceased.)))

Dave Maakestad – Tyllinge desk.

(((Evgenij Kulikovskij – Riga desk. Out of country.)))

Fredrik Andersson – Överum desk.

Wilhard Lang – Överum desk.

Minutes of 2018 annual meeting 2011-5-07 read and approved.

Old Business: General open consensus that concert production during previous running year has been acceptable and current praxis shall continue. Current production is limited to a normative three Woodpile developmental sessions per year as limited by low economic resources. These sessions serve to maintain a state of readiness to perform.

New Business: Determined by consensual agreement that production of a two day, double-header public concert in July 2012 at Tages Hörna in Linköping with the freelance jazzed folk-rock ensemble CHiP in focus will be pursued.

Open discussion and musical dialogue ensues until 22:00 regarding CHiP repertoire. (Select video documentation to be posted at: )

22:00 Chairman calls meeting to recess until 13:00 Sunday 2012-03-11.

Sunday 2012-03-11

12:00 Chairman calls WWMA annual meeting back in session over square table coffee.

In attendance: Previous day’s membership and guest Peter Wagnberg.

Continuation of New Business discussion and musical dialogue regarding CHiP repertoire. (Select video documentation posted at: .)

18:00 Lang calls for close of New Business discussion. Kulikovskij seconds. Consensual pass.

18:01 Chairman adjourns WWMA annual meeting 2012.

Respectfully submitted via e-mail and public posting:

2012-08-06 Recording Secretary Dave Maakestad