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Woodpile is the original identity of a non-profit music production entity.  

Premium Free Live Jam Sites By Woodpile Core Members:

NEWS: 15 April 2018 we are planning a Woodpile session which should bring some kickass electric garage quartet tracks to the Youtube chipatwoodpile channel.

Recommended sample concert documentations:

Single tracks:

'Thunderclap Serenade' :

'Calm' :

Multiple tracks with Russian-African-Swedish-American musicians: 

Fredrik & Dave doing acoustic recording of some of Dave's 'CONSCIOUS?' originals at Pellen Productions in Åtvidaberg on 18 July 2013 for Pellen's short film PRAISE THE LORD (

Donations are appreciated to support further development of Dave's 'CONSCIOUS?' song cycle:

Daves CrowdFunding

Swedbank - Åtvidabergs Sparbank

Clearingnr: 80218

Kontonr: 40242943

A favorite from Ahmadu Jarr & The Highlife Orchestra live at Fasching Jazz Club in Stockholm ... 'Swedish Weather': 

A beautiful, lilting social-commentary by Davina Robinson, 'Prinsar & Prinsessor' :

Contact Info:

Dave Maakestad

Telephone: 0046 493-33021 (Message service after sixth ring.)

E-mail: [email protected]

Snail-Mail: Woodpile World Music Association

c/o Maakestad

Tyllinge Gamla Skola

59492 Gamleby



Ahmadu Jah Jarr - Solna Desk

Evgenij Kulikovskij - Riga Desk

Wilhard Lang - Mjölby Desk

Fredrik Andersson - Rumma Desk

David Maakestad - Tyllinge Desk

Additional Members:

Edith Strindberg - Linköping

Jan-Olof Strindberg - Grebo

Nini Maakestad - Tyllinge-Stockholm

Marie Holmquist - Linköping

Davina Robinson - Linköping

Jimmy Uller - Åtvidaberg


In 2010 five of us in a freelance network of about fifhteen professional musicians that performed whenever wherever the freight allowed realized that while we might not be making commercial music, we hit some pretty good grooves when we got to a stage. So 23-24 April 2010 we held a combined association start-up and jam session at my home in Tyllinge, Sweden. We went through democratic discussion and voting on the seminal regulations, filed an application with the Swedish Tax Service and were granted legitimate non-profit status on 25 May 2010. And so ... we're rolling. [email protected]

Overall production documentation:

WWMA Concert Production & Video Documentation

via Maakestad desk

FOM 2010-04-24 TOM 2012-11-05

All production moments initiated from WWMA Maakestad Administrative Secretary Desk. All concerts are free to the public. 2010-04-24

Cold Hell Project (aka: CHiP) session concert at Elsa's Café in Linköping. Free to the public. Russian and American song repertoire with interpretive conversation jamming across the structures. Recommeded track: BEAUTIFUL LOVE which is a quartet splinter jam started by keyboardist Daniel Westin. Solos by Ahmadu Jarr on congas, Peter Wagnberg on traps, and Wilhard Lang on bass standout in this long freestyle jam: 2010-10-23

Russian & American repertoire with two young musicians and three WWMA musicians. Arbis Theater Linköping. In association with Linköping Kultur & Fritid 2011-05-07

Cold Hell Project (aka: CHiP) with Russian & American repertoire. Five WWMA musicans with Peter Wagnberg (drums) and Daniel Westin (keyboards). In association with Linköping Kultur & Fritid and Studieframjändiet. 2011-05-14

Trio session concert in public at Tages Hörna with two Lunnevads jazz students: Egil Kallman on bass, Jesper on keyboards. One WWMA musician. In association with Linköping Kultur & Fritid and Östergötlands Museum. 2/6 & 26/8 2011

Two concerts as part of Åtvidaberg’s Levande Torg program. Two WWMA musicans and Jan-Olov Persson on bass. In association with Åtvidaberg Kultur & Fritid.

Additional production:

2012-06-08 Levande Torg Medicine Dog Trio. Documentary tracks of Medicine Dog Unplugged Trio at Åtvidaberg Square produced in conjunction with Åtvidaberg Kultur & Fritid. Concert dates: 10/7 & 31/7 2011

Two session concerts at Tages Hörna with 4 young musicians and one WWMA musician. Violins, contra bass, keyboards, acoustic guitar, female and male vocals. In association with Linköping Kultur & Fritid and Östergötlands Museum. 9/7 & 16/7 & 23/7 2011

Three session concerts at Tages Hörna with 4-5 young musicans and one WWMA musician. In association with Linköping Kultur & Fritid and Östergötlands Museum. 2011-07-30

One session concert at Tages Hörna with three young musicians and two WWMA musicians. In association with Linköping Kultur & Fritid and Östergötlands Museum. 17/7 & 24/7 2011

Two Cold Hell Project (aka: CHiP) public rehearsal concerts with three WWMA musicians and Daniel Westin (keyboard) and Peter Wagnberg (drums). In association with Linköping Kultur & Fritid and Östergötlands Museum.

Additional CHiP rep concerts 7 & 8 July 2012 currently being uploaded to 2011-10-08

One Cold Hell Project (aka: CHiP) concert at Arbis Theater. Russian and American repertoire. Five WWMA musicians, and Peter Wagnberg (drums), Daniel Westin (keyboard), Derrick Walker (sax/harp). In association with Linköping Kultur & Fritid. 2012-03-10+11

CHiP rep at Woodpile locale.

In progress: veteran with young musicians at Tages Hörna in association with Linköping Kultur & Fritid:

  • Waz Up! 14-15 July 2012
  • Julias Jazz 21-22-28-29 July 2012

Video Documentation Production Only FOM 2010-09-01: 2010-10-25

World class artist Jimmy Z (Zavala) with Slidin’ Slim and Big Fred at Musik Börsen in Linköping. 2010-10-25

Singer-songwriter Staffan Andersson and partners at Musik Börsen in Linköping. 2010-11-02

Mixed-bag of jazz musicians doing a tribute evening to the memory of Sten at Fasching. Organized by WWMA musician Ahmadu Jah Jarr. 2011-04-02

Ugandian recording artist and composer Sammy Kasule with his highlife orchestra Makonde. 2011-08-04

Singer-songwriter Staffan Andersson with his band Heart’s Remedy in concert at Linköping Trädgården. 2011-08-26

Singer-songwriter Kjell Barkman in concert at Åtvidaberg’s Levande Torg. 2011-11-19

Blues artist Slidin’ Slim (Anders Landelius) in concert at Linköping Biblioteket sponsored by The Great Jazz Club.

(This documentary production is currently underway at my editorial desk.)

Projection for 2012:

Our current WWMA projection is that during the calendar period of fom 2012-01-01 tom 2012-08-31 we will produce at least ten free-to-the-public cross-cultural conconcerts. More if we acquire further funding supports.

Submitted from Dave’s Electro Desk at Woodpile 21/12 2011.

With update: 2012-07-21